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Call for Papers

The 25th International Kodály Symposium 2021 ON-LINE: 

Village Voices in Global Harmony 


9-13 August 2021  


In planning this Symposium, the organising committee has taken great care to remain informed of relevant Health Advice related to the Covid-19 Pandemic. In the interests of minimising any risk to participants, presenters and staff and in careful consultation with the Board of the International Kodály Society, the organising committee has implemented plans for the hosting of an online Symposium. Presenters are advised to bear this in mind when preparing papers, workshops and sessions as suitability for the online format will be a significant consideration when submissions are reviewed. 


All workshops and papers will be delivered using Zoom and you may wish to consider pre-recorded segments as part of your presentation e.g. a recorded demonstration of a local group where permitted by domestic regulations Sessions which are heavily dependent upon interaction are less suitable as are sessions that require live music making.




We are pleased to invite presenters from all around the world to submit papers to be presented at the 25th International Kodaly Symposium ON-LINE  from 9th – 13th August 2021.

1. Spoken Papers related to the 2021 IKS theme:


Village Voices in Global Harmony


2. Workshops

Papers should have an emphasis on folk music, ethnomusicology, research, methodology, and practice of the Kodaly Philosophy across various fields relating to music education, composition, or performance. The categories listed can be accommodated within several interest groups, including, but not entirely exclusive, to the following topics. Please note that the following examples are intended as a guide: 


  • Folk music – collection, analysis, pedagogical uses, the contemporary face of folk music

  • The relation between contemporary music and village traditions in music

  • How does contemporary society cultivate folk music traditions? 

  • The place for village music in the national curriculum of kindergartens and different school systems

  • Village voices – is it a thing of the past, or is it relevant to the present as well?

  • The role of the traditional music in 21st century choral education

  • Using elements of folk music in music therapy

  • The role of instrumental and vocal village teachers in contemporary society


Spoken Papers will be allocated a maximum time of 30 minutes, consisting of 20 minutes pure speaking time and up to a maximum 10 minutes maximum for questions. 

Abstracts must be in English, and must be  between 250 – 350 words in length (excluding the title and author information).  All abstracts must be formatted as follows: 

  • In English

  • Typed in Times New Roman, font size 13 with 1.5 spacing and justified

  • Footnotes should be at the bottom of the abstract 

The Abstract should not include references but should include the following:

1.The theoretical / pedagogical background of the intended paper
2. The aim / focus of the work or the research reported
3. The methodology / approach used in the work or research
4. Results and / or summary of the main ideas
5. Conclusions and Implications.


IKS On-line will review the abstracts that have been sent in.  Chosen presenters will be notified by IKS and will be asked to prepare a full paper for presentation. This paper should be between 2500 – 3000 words in length and must be accompanied by a short bio (120 words maximum) and a photograph.


Workshop sessions will have designated time-slots (a total of 45 minutes and 5 minutes for any discussion)


A Workshop submission must be in the form of an abstract between 300 – 400 words in length. The abstract must be formatted as follows:

  • In English

  • Typed in Times New Roman, font size 13 with 1.5 spacing and justified

  • Footnotes should be at the bottom of the abstract

  • References should be at the end of the abstract


The abstract should clearly list the following:

  • Any relevant background information for the workshop

  • The purpose of the workshop

  • Content of the workshop

  •  Methods used to conduct the workshop

  • The workshop’s application in music education


IKS will review the abstracts that have been sent in. Chosen presenters will be notified by IKS, and will be asked to send in a bio (120 words maximum) and a photo.



  • Presenters cannot present more than a total of TWO papers or workshop sessions.

  • Joint presentations are allowed.


The IKS 2021 On-line Organizing Committee reserves the right to further limit the number of presentations accepted for any one individual. 


COPYRIGHT (Accepted Full Paper Presentations only)

Presenters must agree to the following copyright conditions:


Copyright Agreement:

I hereby assign to the International Kodaly Society the copyright of the Full Paper that I will be presenting at IKS 2021 On-line, for use by the Society in all formats and through any medium of communication.

  • I understand that I will retain the copyrights of the original submission for purposes of duplicating the article, as well as placement on personal and institutional websites etc. but will give IKS the first and exclusive rights to publish the IKS-formatted and edited version in print or online for IKS purposes.


  • I confirm that the Full Paper is original and has not been published previously, nor is it currently under consideration elsewhere. I also confirm that I have obtained all the necessary permissions for the reproduction of content not owned by me (e.g., illustrations, photographs, charts, and other visual material, etc.) and that the submission contains no unlawful statements and does not infringe on any rights of others.


  • I understand that the Full Paper I am submitting may appear on the IKS website.


For further information, please visit the conference website at:


or contact the IKS 2021 office at:

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  • All submissions must be made via the Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript. for International Conference submissions. This system will be available to IKS members through IKS 2021 webside. The validity of your membership will be checked. IF ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION IS IMPOSSIBLE, PLEASE CONTACT THE IKS 2021 OFFICE BY 19TH APRIL, 2021. All submissions and presentations must be in English.

  • Each presenter or co-presenter must be an individual IKS member at the time of submission, during the time that the presentation is accepted, and during the time the presentation is made.

  • To be included in the published program, presenters must be registered in the Submission System. This includes co-presenters, panellists, and speakers of the Symposium. Any exceptions must be requested BEFORE the submission.


NOTE: The submission MUST include details of any equipment, instruments, or facilities that you will require for the presentation, and which you cannot provide yourself. If any requirements are NOT included in the submission, the Organizing Committee cannot guarantee that they will be able to meet your needs, which means that you may need to find alternative ways to deliver your presentation. 



The deadline for submissions to IKS 2021 is MONDAY, 15TH FEBRUARY 2021. Late submissions WILL NOT be accepted.


Applicants will be notified about the results of the presentation review process at the end of February 2021.


Successful applicants must confirm their participation as presenters by registering as a delegate of IKS 2021, no later than 26th April 2021. If successful applicants do not comply with this requirement, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to withdraw these submissions from the program.



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